Grant Proposal Writing

Expert Assistance with all phases of Grant Proposal Development:

Prospective Funder Research: If needed, Imogen can assist your organization with identification of possible funders (private, corporate, community and/or government) for your project, based on areas of interest, available funds and funding criteria. Whether your prospective sources are local or national, private or federal, Imogen can develop a compelling proposal that complies with the guidelines. She has written successful funding proposal for local foundations, state and federal funding, and has been awarded over  2 million dollars in funding.

Proposal Research: A thorough and creative researcher, Imogen will find the information that supports the need and the efficacy of your program, summarizing the information succinctly and sensibly. She will analyze how identified needs are met by specific program components, and how each can be measured most effectively. Imogen has worked extensively with various datasets to create a compelling case for programs and interventions, including U.S. census tract data, law-enforcement data, school district data, Minnesota Student Survey data, independent survey data, agency evaluation data and the analysis of focus group or other qualitative data. Advanced Excel skills, including pivot table analysis of cross-tabulation data, graphs tracking multiple trend lines, creating a cross-walk for different types of data can be applied to strengthen your case.

Narrative Development: Proposal narrative is carefully tailored to the appropriate audience, making sure that an understanding of the goals of the funder are reflected explicitly through the narrative.

Packet Preparation and Submission: Imogen can assist with the full packet preparation, for both hard-copy and online submission, including preparation to submit federal proposals on Grants.Gov

Budget Development: If needed, Imogen can assist your organization with the development of a program budget that accurately reflects such tricky items as indirect costs, in-kind contributions, volunteer hours as well as the more typical salaries, supplies, benefits and other typical expenses.


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