About Imogen

Before establishing her consulting practice in 2013,  Imogen served as the Director of the TonkaCARES coalition to reduce underage substance use.  As the founder and executive of this award-winning community initiative, Imogen’s role was key to the success of the coalition. She secured over 1.5 M dollars in federal funds as well as dollar for dollar match from the community, winning highly competitive federal grants. The coalition was one of 20 coalitions nationwide to be awarded a coalition mentoring grant, which pairs experienced leaders with communities just beginning their efforts, in a process to prepare them for a major prevention effort that will become eligible for federal funds. The coalition’s programs and initiatives were also supported by individuals, churches, community groups, community and corporate foundations, and as the key architect of the work of the coalition, as well as it’s leading advocate and spokesperson, it was her job to not only launch a strategic, evidence-based set of programs, but rally the communities and funder’s support. Prior to her work with Tonka CARES, Imogen was the director of the Minnetonka Family Collaborative, bringing community partners together to support vulnerable children and families in the community, and developing  a grant-making and review process as the catalyst for community change and integration of services.

Her areas of expertise include grants: proposal writing, review and research, marketing, community assessment, program evaluation and strategic planning. Imogen holds a Master’s in Public Administration degree from Metropolitan State University in Saint Paul, where her  work and contributions were recognized as a finalist for the College of Management Outstanding Graduate award.



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